Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Thankless Job of Working for Myself

I’ve been editing my own poetry nonstop for this past week. I think I only really finished four poems to my satisfaction (and one of them is too long to tell yet). The good part is that they’re nifty as fuck-all. When the book comes out this summer - Geebus P Cryst, willing - you’ll see how much work was put into them and what kinda results that gets.

Still, the work is lonesome, boring, and mostly difficult. I mean, have you got any idea how hard it is to remove yourself from your own writing so that you can edit it objectively? Not to mention I’ve been half-living in a thesaurus. Doing line-editing is the best way for me to work, but takes the longest possible time. I average five-to-ten minutes...a line.

This might not sound so bad. After all, it’s poetry, right? You can’t have written THAT much. I could, can - did. The main poem for this collection is going on five pages and will probably get longer since it’s the fourth one I’m not so sure about.

All you can look forward to is self-satisfcation in this game, my chums. If you don’t learn to love yourself with a passion, you’ll be one sad little wordsmith; I can promise you that. At the least, read better than you do anything else, for a start.

Here’s another nibble for any of you gnashing at the bit for my collection’s release. The main poem is called: Nativist Memorabilia, and will incorporate most of my purposes for this book. I’ve also decided to shorten the amount of poems by half, due to the extreme page length of my writing coupled with the funding at me and my partner’s disposal. Short version: doing less so I don’t go broke. Now you’ll (unfortunately) get just 25 poems, and even this could drop down if my stuff keeps getting longer. I swear, I write a poem and it’ll be longer than most books. You need to cut and edit my shit with a two-man saw, or something.

Anyhoo, that's about enough outta me. ZJE - out!

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