Wednesday, June 4, 2014

American Exceptionalism is really American Hypocrisy

After listening to the news around the prisoner exchange with the Taliban for Bowe Bergdahl, I have come to the conclusion that so many people are just so full of it. Seriously, totally, completely, and utterly. Full. Of. Shit.

We talk about supporting the troops and yet, when we rescue a POW, suddenly we're pissed because it should matter whether the guy was allegedly a deserter or not. As if it's okay to leave our people behind if we don't like them. (Although, honestly, I can't blame the guy if he did desert. Our war in Afghanistan was a pretty terrible piece of work. We're not exactly a bastion of freedom, liberty, and justice for all over there.)

And, funny enough, this hypocrisy is coming from the Right, from the very people who supposedly are the biggest supporters of the troops. Which is equally ironic given the recent VA scandal that was really caused by the GOP refusing to fund the VA after our troops got back from a pointless war that the GOP paid on an already maxed-out credit-card.

Welcome to the effing Monkey House, where American Exceptionalism becomes American Hypocrisy. We pretend we care about the troops, but, in reality, we don't give a damn rat's ass about 'em except to spew vitriol their way if they interfere with our comfortable narrative of ignorant bliss. We like to think we're the best but we're honestly among the worst, especially right now.

Sorry not sorry: but the other important factor is also that far too many people hate Pres. Obama simply because, no reasons required, and will get angry any anything he does no matter what. And why is that? There are a few reasons: racism, nativism, radical ignorance, and plain stupidity.

But it all comes down to one simple fact -- people refuse to take fucking responsibility for the problems in this country. Whether those people are in Congress, in Texas, or in California. We think we're special and throw tantrums when things don't go our way, making excuses and half-truths to mend those hurt fee-fees and assuage our guilty conscience, because we're too big of effing cowards to admit that we're not special and reality isn't gonna bend to our national narcissistic personality disorder.


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Let the Days Run Down / I Love the Night

I love the night as only my wife, the moon, and the neighborhood Taco Bell can know. I love the night because the light is softer. I love the night because the stupid people have all gone to sleep. I love the night because it makes scary movies scarier. I love the night because the moon winks at me in her crescent manger. I love the night because it shakes the shackles off my wordsmithy, letting me write like I was born to build novels.

Gawd... the night is my favorite time in 24 hours. I can eat, dream, play, love, and work with the abandon of a wild thing. And, after all, the night was made for lovers.

I've also been listening to a lot of The Decemberists.

Monday, April 21, 2014

We Need Only be Saved from Ourselves

Sometimes I think it's better to deal in fiction rather than truth. At least you can write better stories than the swill that passes for "fact" among this country's citizenry, aided and abetted by all too often bankrupt journalism and a wholly disenfranchised electorate. They say speak the truth, even if your voice shakes... I say speak the truth and paint it black. Because words are wind that cuts to the bone. I say speak the truth and run. Because truth to power is death. I say speak the truth and never let them see you do it. Else they'll call it lies because fools believe only they could possibly have discovered that the world is round.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Thus Spake Zarathustra

They say that if God didn't exist, it would be necessary to invent him. They also say God is dead.

Personally I don't think God exists. I hope God exists; I pray God exists. But I know it's a convenient fiction I keep faith with because living in a world without even the ridiculous possibility of a higher good is just... well, sad.

So here I sit, and type, and chew on my thoughts as an old leatherneck does tobacco.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Things I recently like

True Detective is basically an awesome multi-timeline show. Episode 4's long take is perhaps some of the best television in the last 10-20 years.

Varla Ventura's bizarre books. Basically a collection of creepy random information custom-made for knowledge-bomb drops.

Open Raid (OR) and oQueue (OQ). Great tools for finding pick-up groups (PUGs) in World of Warcraft (WoW) to run higher end content that typically requires hours of time and social networking investment. Also requires knowledge of many acronyms.

IFTTT. Awesome way to make different social networking sites, blogs, etc., perform complex cross-platform action without needing extensive coding, Java, or HTML experience.

That's it for the moment.